Therapy for Women

I specialize in offering therapy to women who are feeling stuck in a consistent and constant cycle of attracting partners that, for lack of better words, are not what they are looking for.

Some of these relationships can feel pathological, abusive or traumatic. As a result, women struggle to form vulnerable lasting bonds with partners, but also struggle to trust themselves in picking the right partner while navigating fears of past relationships and traumatic events.

“I didn’t change, I just found myself.”

– Bob Marley

Together, I can help you piece together why you are attracted to the partners you may be attracted to by exploring both what has happened to you in your past and how you have been an active participant in these cycles.

I can help you learn the identifiers and behaviors these types of partners exhibit. But most importantly, I can help you reconnect with yourself to learn how to re-trust your judgment and intuition, in an effort to guide you through relationships with only using yourself as your compass.

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