“Those mountains that you’re carrying… you were only suppose to climb” – Najwa Zebian

The most important relationship in life is the relationship you have with yourself. This relationship contains the blueprints for the life you’ve created, has been the sounding board for all the decisions you’ve made, and has always been the foundation of your home. When this relationship is impaired, life may not look the way you want it to. Interpersonal relationships may suffer, your career may not be where you want it to be, feelings of depression or anxiety may result.

My therapeutic foundation is based on self-awareness, insight, and self-discovery. My goal is to help my clients learn to examine the inner workings of their lives and use this awareness as a way to create desired change and design the life they want to lead. Improved communication skills and assertiveness skills are also key ingredients to successful relationships with yourself and others, and are also a main focus of our work together.

My hope is to be able to create a space for you to explore — a space that is genuine, authentic, and safe. I work hard to create a collaborative atmosphere where we work together to help you attain the things you want in life. I want each one of my clients to learn to create and maintain a healthy relationship with themselves so they can learn to connect with others from a place of self-respect, authenticity and trust.

I specialize in anxiety, depression, relationship issues (intimacy, communication skills, healing from past relationships), life transitions and issues related to self-esteem and sense of self.