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At some point in our lives, we all feel the stress of life weighing down on us. When life begins to feel overwhelming, it can affect us in many ways. Some of us will struggle in our relationships, some may struggle at work, while others will feel lost about themselves or their future.

Therapy can be one of the tools you use to combat the stresses of everyday life. It can help you gain a deeper understanding about yourself and your relationships, as well as help you create the future you want.

You are welcome to navigate this website to learn more about this practice, the clinicians who may be able to help, and the services each provide for the unique populations they serve.

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Dr. Chantel Cortinovis About Page
Dr. Chantel Cortinovis, Psy.D.

Hi there. My name is Dr. Chantel Cortinovis, and I am a licensed clinical psychologist. As the owner of this private practice, I have worked hard to create a team of clinicians to work alongside me that echo the same treatment goals and standards as myself. Each of my associates are trained and skilled clinicians who will be able to provide support and treatment for you, your child or your family. My team and I welcome you to the Cortinovis Collective.

Drew Mirman, AMFT at Cortinovis Collective
Drew Mirman, AMFT

My name is Drew Mirman and I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT #133261) working under the license and supervision of Dr. Chantel Cortinovis, Psy.D.(PSY 28895).

New Associate Therapist Coming Soon to Cortinovis Collective
Coming Soon

More associates will be joining the Cortinovis Collective soon.

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