Therapy for Children

My team and I will be able to incorporate a number of unique and depth-oriented interventions to help your child open up and feel comfortable. We can work with  children who have endured trauma, divorce, strained family relationships, as well as children with behavioral or emotional difficulties. Specialties include anxiety, trauma and loss, stress and coping with change, parent/child conflict, ADHD, depression, and behavioral challenges.

My team and I continue to use a depth- and insight-oriented lens, even when working with children. We also work from a family perspective, bringing parents into sessions and working hard to repair the lines of communication to get the family back on the right track.

Our goal is to help your child learn to effectively communicate, help parents learn to better understand them, and help families create and solidify a lasting bond.

“Behind every child who believes in themselves.. is an adult who believed in them first.”

– Nelson Mandela

My team and I have gained a wide range of experience working with children who come from a variety of backgrounds treating diverse diagnoses. We understand that choosing a clinician to work with your child can be a difficult, and sometimes, daunting choice. We believe there is something so special about working with children, and are humbled to be given the opportunity to help.

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