One question I am often asked is why I chose to become a therapist. There are some very personal reasons as to why I chose this career path- but to be honest with you, I did not even realize those particular reasons until I was in it, doing it, and letting myself grow.

One way I can answer that question is to help you understand why I continue to do what I do each and every day.

I meet people, and I get to know them- really know them. I get to learn about parts of them that they struggle with, the parts of them that they themselves don’t even want to know. I get to see them grow and learn through all the pain. I get to spend real time with them as they discuss the most personal details of their life. I get to see them become the people they have always wanted to be. I get the honor and opportunity to sit beside them.

As a result, I have met hundreds of amazing people. I have met some of the bravest children, strongest women and most courageous men. I have heard their life stories and have watched them rewrite it. And every single patient has taught me something new.

I hope that with these blog entries, I will be able to spark something within you that motivates or inspires you. To those of you who are passing by and taking a glance, or those of you who will come back and read some more: welcome. 


C.C., Psy.D.

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